Why participate?

You will showcase your products in the right setting: Sports Summit is the place for discussions, problem-solving and exchanging experiences. It provides a great opportunity to show and sell your products and solutions to prospective customers who are looking for new suppliers.

You will establish new contacts with prospects in an active buying process: You will save time and money on sales meetings. Instead, you will meet hundreds of new prospective customers in an active buying process at Sports Summit. All of 88% of visitors are involved in purchasing decisions and are looking for new suppliers.

You will strengthen your brand: By exhibiting at the Sports Summit you will gain status-by-association when you are seen among key people and leading suppliers in sports, swimming, leisure, health and fitness activities, and the venues for these activities.

You will reinforce your relationship with existing customers: Giving your customers extra benefits and offering pre-booked appointments provides a great opportunity to boost sales.